About Creative Conflicts Resolutions

Our approach on conflict in organizations proposes that organizational conflict need not be minimized or avoided, but managed in a way that recognizes and solves individual and group needs of the people involved.

Conflict and confrontations are integral part of social processes comprising people working together. Having a good approach to understand and manage differences helps everybody support the perception that they work for a fair organization including everyone.

Considering that conflicts can be functional or dysfunctional, we look at how task-related conflicts are functional and how the human element perceives task performance as an important part of identity building. This kind of conflict is easier to understand and manage for any organizational leader, when it is based on a fair task distribution.

Humans have a way of processing affective aspects of workplaces in a way that compose their identity in a deeper way. Feelings of inclusion, acceptance, value and appreciation need to be processed, but they appear as more dysfunctional, more difficult to manage and a stronger challenge for organizational leaders.

We offer coaching for individuals in charge of teams, so as to provide the basic skills to process any difficult situation in the best way. Cases like passive aggressive attitudes towards job responsibilities are challenging and need a set of special strategies to be dealt with.

Either you are the employee in need to learn better skills to make interactions in the work place more productive, and be able to deliver results in assigned projects, or you are the leader in charge of a team balancing reciprocal perceptions, in both cases you need a basic set of skills to understand and face confrontations in a productive way.

Learning about different conflict management styles may be done through a session of conflict coaching, by phone or by conference room; this coaching technique enables managers to learn the skills to minimize affective conflict while attaining and maintaining a positive group morale in a private and individualized way.

The project of Creative Conflict Resolutions now is to find and offer you the tools to transform any work relationship from a state of confrontation, hostility and aggression into one of reciprocal cooperation.

Nora Femenia, Ph.D.
Creative Conflict Resolutions

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